• Data Days Workshop Day - October 10th

    Get hands-on training with local experts to boost your data skills.

    Choose up to 2 workshops for $20, lunch included. Laptops are strongly recommended.


    Cleveland Public Library, Main Branch (Louis Stokes Wing)

    525 W. Superior Ave

  • Workshop Day Schedule

    Introduction to Data Mining (10 am - 12 pm)

    Merilys Huhn (Pandata)


    Attendees will explore practical approaches to web scraping, covering techniques as well as legal and ethical considerations. The session will also cover accessing data through APIs and best practices for data storage.

    • Introduction (5 min)
    • Understanding Web Scraping (10 min)
    • Hands on Web Scraping (20 min)
    • Understanding APIs (10 min)
    • Working with APIs (15 min)
    • Data Management and Storage (10 min)
    • Hands on data management (10 min)
    • Questions and Wrap-up (5 min)

    Data Analysis for Small Businesses: Unlocking Insights for Growth (10 am - 12 pm)

    Sarah Dobransky (Cleveland Public Library)

    Explore how small business owners can harness the power of various government datasets to make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and thrive in today's competitive landscape. By leveraging data from various government agencies, including the Census Bureau, US Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Bank, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, this workshop will empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and strategize for success.

    Modern Data Analytics in Excel (1pm - 3pm)

    George Mount (Stringest Analytics)

    If you haven't modernized your data cleaning and reporting processes in Microsoft Excel, you're missing out on big productivity gains. And if you're looking to conduct rigorous data analysis, more can be done in Excel than you think. This workshop serves as an introduction to the “Modern Excel” suite of Excel features, along with other powerful tools for analytics.

    Join the 2023 Great Lakes Data Quest

    (1pm - 3pm)

    Mark App

    The Great Lakes Data Watershed (gldw.org) was established in 2019 to make our precious water data accessible to everyone. GLDW has become the best place for citizens, students and civic organizations to observe and monitor water quality data critical to the health and vitality of our region.

    Join the session to learn about and start our fall "Data Quest" challenge. Participants will become "Data Explorers", searching online resources to discover and gather key data while learning and having fun.